About This Read

The Red Read is about ambition, mine and yours. Chronicling the pursuit of better… 

This Read has truly evolved with me. It started in April 2012. I made a big decision, some might call it reckless. I left my corporate job in public relations without so much as a back up plan. I just knew that life was short, and I didn’t like the path I was on. I was looking for passion, fulfillment, and meaning. 

I started freelance writing on the side before I left my job. Creating and finding stories has been my passion since I was little girl. 

The universe works in funny ways. While I was looking for meaning in my own life, I was constantly put in the position to talk to people who had created meaning in theirs. As a freelance business writer, I interview amazing young people and women who follow their instincts and take their destinies in their own hands.

Talking to these entrepreneurial rebels made something click in my mind. Finding meaning, excitement, purpose - whatever you want to call it - requires writing your own story. That may mean doing what other people wouldn’t do. Being a renegade, a rebel, in a word, RED.

The Red Read started as a public display of soul searching and has morphed into a celebration of the ones who write their own stories and the principles they live by. 

These people are no different from you or me. Writing your own story is everyone’s right. I hope The Red Read will inspire you to look at your story a little differently. 

Fiercely Yours,

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