SNEAK PEEK: Chantelle Fraser’s 7 Tips For Living A Fierce Life


I’m headed out to Jamaica (Humble brag? I don’t know, but I’m going!). I was able to squeeze in an interview with Chantelle Fraser, CEO and Founder of Flawless Entertainment & Promotions, before I left. Chantelle has an extraordinary approach to life. Our full interview will run on this week. Until then, enjoy these gems that were edited out:

1. Don’t let your lack of knowledge or experience stop you.

When I started my company, and even to this day, there are still things I don’t know but I believe in myself and believe in my team around me. I believe in my core skills to get me to that next level. We just have to embrace it. It’s kind of like climbing a mountain or driving in the dark. You don’t see your destination; you only see the next couple of feet. The same thing in running a business. You don’t have to see the whole picture; you don’t have to have the answer right there. Just start and it will come to you. The answers will manifest themselves to you.

2. Focus on being the best version of yourself. 

Focus on being the best version of yourself. As a business you are the ambassador to your brand. You have to think of what your business stands for. Mine is Flawless. As the ambassador for my brand, it’s important to me, to look and feel my best. I always believe you only have one life, so why not try and be the best you can be? 

People are attracted to success and attractive people. When I say attractive people I don’t just mean physically attractive, because I’ve known people who are physically attractive but don’t have the social intelligence to attract people and attract business. So I would say physically be in the best shape you can be. 

3. Focus on being socially intelligent.

When you look at a lot of successful CEOs, the one thing they have in common is personality and charisma. Practice on listening, being sensitive to other people’s needs, and generally being a good person. Being an attractive, enjoyable person to be around and do business with. Most of the time when it comes to business if people don’t like you, they’re not going to business with you.

4. Read a lot. 

Become an expert in your field and be an interesting person. Keep your integrity, because if people can trust you they’re going to want to help you, they’re going to want to refer you and they’re going to want to support you. That’s really important for having and starting a business. 

5. Keep a vision board.

Keep a vision board. I always write things down. I write what I want down and I have pictures of the things that I want. Everyday I’ll set out a time to meditate on what I want. I just want to keep it in my mental conversation. I’ll look back at my vision boards from 5-10 years ago and some of the things, I’ve actually gotten exactly what’s in the picture of what I wanted. 

6. Be unreasonable. 

Think outside the box. Just because you think no else has done that, or I don’t have the money to do that, or I don’t have this or that. It doesn’t matter. Just be unreasonable and just do it. Once you embrace it, opportunities will always come your way. If you have a vision you have to have tunnel vision. Yes, seek advice from others from people who are the right frequency. But ultimately you have to keep your visions.

7. Be organized.

That’s it.

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