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SNEAK PEEK: Chantelle Fraser’s 7 Tips For Living A Fierce Life


I’m headed out to Jamaica (Humble brag? I don’t know, but I’m going!). I was able to squeeze in an interview with Chantelle Fraser, CEO and Founder of Flawless Entertainment & Promotions, before I left. Chantelle has an extraordinary approach to life. Our full interview will run on MadameNoire.com this week. Until then, enjoy these gems that were edited out:

1. Don’t let your lack of knowledge or experience stop you.

When I started my company, and even to this day, there are still things I don’t know but I believe in myself and believe in my team around me. I believe in my core skills to get me to that next level. We just have to embrace it. It’s kind of like climbing a mountain or driving in the dark. You don’t see your destination; you only see the next couple of feet. The same thing in running a business. You don’t have to see the whole picture; you don’t have to have the answer right there. Just start and it will come to you. The answers will manifest themselves to you.

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